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You look inside my wild mind...
Never knowing what you'll find
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4th-Aug-2015 08:14 pm - [sticky post] (no subject)

IC CONTACT - Texts, Email, Voicemail, Tweets, etc
OOC CONTACT - Scene requests, Questions, Comments, Drop Box, etc.
Third person story book preferred.
Random scenes okay
Adult scenes okay

Comments Screened For Privacy
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10th-Nov-2015 06:04 pm - OOC: Availability
Maria 02
I went to the doctor again today about my back and I get to go back to work on Thursday if the pain has lessened enough. He also has me on 10k of Vitamin D a day because my D levels were in the low single digits. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me and my way slow tagging due to pain levels.
29th-Sep-2015 02:16 pm - OOC: Availability
I'm not around very much today because I'm really sick. :/

Maria will work her regular shift at Groovy Tunes and the post will be up when I can sit up for more than five minutes at a time.
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